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In this project, we position ourselves before the idea of a posthumanist future with the creation of new cyborgs and artificial intelligence, as well as the advances currently being demonstrated in the area of robotics. My artwork tackles the problem of the limits of technology; we are already in a situation where we no longer rely on artificial intelligence only for our convenience (e.g. home automation systems that control our homes), but we are now creating an operating system that aims to simulate the very essence of humanity itself.

Is it that human beings want to create a new species that they will likely not outlive?

Why do humans want to create a living system? Why do they want to create a living artificial intelligence system?

Will this produce a technological singularity if it is achieved?

Under these reflections, a study of the cerebral and emotional activity that human beings possess is carried out, investigating how different areas of the brain react depending on the contact with other living beings. In this way, technological sculptures are created, based on a new prototype of artificial intelligence, programmed with Arduino and lighting up when they detect, by means of sensors, the presence of a human in the vicinity. Using this approach, we find ourselves with a social and emotional contact between a machine and a human. In this way, the project is a reflection on the three laws of robotics by Isaac Asimov (I, Robot), raising paradoxes about the current situation of man with the technological universe.

Could we, then, be talking about a human intelligence versus an artificial intelligence?
Will we be prepared for this change?

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