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This project is based on a neurological sleep disorder known as sleep paralysis, which leads to dynamic and definite symptoms that lie on the border between sleep and wakefulness, causing great suffering to those who are afflicted by it.

Sleep paralysis is defined by the inability to perform voluntary muscle movements during sleep or immediately upon waking. The person is aware of themself and their environment, but feels paralyzed, which in most cases results in hypnagogic hallucinations.

My aim is to represent this disorder through artistic photography using two complementary techniques: the pinhole image and the digital image. Combining these techniques with a large number of testimonies I collected from people afflicted by sleep paralysis, I introduce the viewer to a new visual world that represents the terrifying hallucinations of this disorder. In this way, I use photography and my artistic manifesto to recreate and convey the sensations and feelings of sleep paralysis sufferers to the viewer, thereby providing an unprecedented new understanding of this disorder.

This innovative project is part of my doctoral thesis titled "Prototypes and archetypes of the representation of sleep paralysis: an approach from art" which was completed in 2021.

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