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The Acis-Galatea project was funded by the Community of Madrid (H2015 /HUM-3362) between 2016 and 2019.


Its general objective was to demonstrate the intimate relationship between mythology and the cultural configuration of Madrid (city and community) and to determine the impact of myths in different social strata and groups. The research starts from the premise of the epistemological plurality of myths, which are not univocal or static in their meaning, and which respond to a cultural syncretism that allows us to trace the socio-historical hybridism of civilizations. The proposal shows that many myths and legends that superficially appear to be forgotten, in fact persist in society and are constantly reshaped, while merging with myths from other cultures that coexist in Madrid, Spain and the broader European social space.


The project was a continuation of the R+D+i "Contemporary mythical anthropology"(HUM.2007-62226), and “New forms of myth. An interdisciplinary methodology ” (FFI 2012-32594). 


This project has continuity in the new AGLAYA project.

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